When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master

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When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master?

Gold Card Trade-In is a special bonus feature in-game that many Coin Master players are enjoying. It is very exciting and also fun to get a Gold card when we play games.

When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master
When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master

What is Gold Card Trade-In?

The Gold Card Trade-In is a special feature for which you do not need to upgrade any hero or purchase any booster packs. It is a whole new game mode, where you can turn your old gold cards in and trade them for some new and exciting Gold cards.

There are three types of Gold cards: Crystal Masters Diamond Hard Boosters This trading model is used to collect a wide variety of new and exotic gold cards. Each Gold Card trade-in offers a variety of new gold cards, which are not available in the Coin Shop or any other form.

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About Gold Card Trade-In How to Exchange Gold Cards To redeem your gold card you will need to open your City of Gold card before you go to a Coin Shop to trade in your gold cards.

How to Get a Gold Card?

Play a game and get the card, let it expire, and get the card back. Play a single card mode and wait till your entire card collection is cleared by playing a single card. Play in multiple card modes to increase your card collection in each mode.

Play for profit or not. How much is a Gold Card in Coin Master? This is a hotly contested topic among the player base. To be completely honest, I don’t have exact figures but it seems that the real rate of Gold cards is between $25-$30 and then you can check out some actual purchasing rates.

Did You Know? Every card has its Platinum equivalent. If you buy the same card in both games (Coin Master and Lunar World) you will earn Platinum equivalent on both. Why Play Gold Card? You get a Gold Card as an addition to your collection.

When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master?

It depends on how long your players continue to play Coin Master. Many players have not come back yet and many Gold card owners are switching to other coins and they are not trading in their cards for in-game currency.

As the new popular coins are leveling up and becoming popular, the Gold cards are starting to be worthless and less in terms of money.

Because of this, the Gold cards can only be sold for a few coins and Coin Master is not willing to provide much in the way of in-game currency to Gold card owners. What it means for players is that you will have to wait until a new Gold card is released to trade it in for money.

Coin Master is happy to announce that the next Gold card will be released in the next couple of months.


If you are a gamer and have been playing Coin Master for some time, you probably have a few Gold cards.

When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master

Even if you have one Gold card and others are only Silver, you can still upgrade your cards to Gold cards using the right players. By using Coin Master Gold cards, you get a better chance to get that extra advantage.

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