Pirate Kings FREE Spins 2022 (Daily Free Spins Links)

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Need Pirate Kings FREE Spins 2022?

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Pirate Kings Free Spins
Free Spins Pirate Kings

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What Is A Slot Machine?

A slot machine is a mechanical device for displaying data on a screen. These machines, and others like them, function like a video game where the user plays against a playing field where cards will land face up or face down.

The player uses a set of levers to play the game, and a video screen to watch their progress on the playfield and to show the outcome of their actions.

Pirate Kings SLOTS machine boasts a unique, detailed hand-painted, and animated display. Add your favorite drink with our Jack n’ Coke game! What makes this casino special?

We have VIP Lounges, electronic slot machines, a cigar bar, and best of all…innovation! For more information, visit us online at www.piratekings.com.

Bonus Rounds Of Pirate Kings

  1. River Rush

You must hit 5 reels in a row to start! But the river is flowing fast and you will not pass go or collect $200. Start to beat the Pirate King and reach the final five reels to earn the Pirate King title.

  1. Target: Highscore

The high scores game! Hit targets on this 5-reel game to increase your high score.

  1. Spin You Luck

Hit 1 or more lucky symbols on this 5 reel game and be the king of spinner games!

  1. Mega Tango Bonus

Hit the bonus fish twice and get the HUGE Mega Tango Bonus!

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Pirate Kings Features

The Pirate King features a unique ‘river of gold feature, which allows you to spend your winnings on further games!

The ‘river of gold is a clear-out pour from the ground and is caused by the spinning reel running out of money.

There are three ways to spend gold. You can stay playing for a larger jackpot, start a new game and choose a new game, or receive a coupon.

Get The Edge With Pirate King Slot Machines.

Pirate Kings SLOTS slot machines are available on Windows 7 and higher, Linux, Mac OS X 10.7 and higher, and Android.

How To Get Free Spins On Pirate Kings?

Get to the free spins bonus rounds as fast as you can and earn the Cash Alley as much as you want!

About the Slot Machine:

Ride through the wilderness with the pirates as they raid ships and sell the cargo. Find treasure chests and make your way to the Cash Alley for the bonus round where the riddles will start to take on a new life and we’re counting on you to solve them.

The Vault

The Vault is a progressive free-spin slot machine. Featuring a quirky and unique style, The Vault is sure to draw you in!

Free Spins

Find a chest with great prizes inside and start the next level. Become the looter and win awesome prizes!

Placeholder Bet

The placeholder bet slots feature a mechanical rabbit and the most intuitive interface we’ve ever created.


Jelly Button’s initial creation, Pirate Kings, is a popular game with millions of users. Pirate Kings is a unique free-to-play game created in the Unity 3D environment. Pirate kings are simple to learn but difficult to master the game of deception and chance in which players take on the role of pirates who conquer dozens of exotic islands in search of gold, artifacts, and retribution.

You spin the wheel, earn pirate cash, and construct your island. Once you’ve constructed your island, it’s yours to keep and use to earn more pirate cash. Only when you’ve conquered the island can you go on to a new island with an awesome new theme.


Be the ultimate Pirate King by battling your pirate companions, conquering gorgeous and exotic islands, and becoming the ultimate Pirate King! In this competitive quest for the seas, you are a mighty pirate (along with your sidekick, Inky) on a journey for wealth, artifacts, and retribution.

Win mountains of riches, battle your Facebook friends’ empires and create custom-themed islands. Come join us as we construct our empires from all around the world!

Free Pirate Kings Spins

FAQs On Pirate Kings Free Spins

What Is Pirate King’s Facebook ID?

Pirate King’s Facebook ID is this – https://www.facebook.com/CashKingPirates

How to Get Free Spins on Pirate Kings?

You can get free spins on their social media handles. But, no worries you can just follow our blog. We’ll get all those free spins for you!

How to Get Unlimited Spins on Pirate Kings?

You can just follow our blog. We’ll get all those unlimited spins for you!

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