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What Are Myvegas Slots?

MyVegas Slots is a social casino game offered by Caesars Entertainment. Caesars offers a variety of casino games and MyVegas Slots is one of the latest and most exciting.

Each MyVegas Slots jackpot is paid out in comps and free play at all of Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas casinos. Choose a character and choose what slot machine you want to play.

How To Use myVEGAS Rewards

When Do myVEGAS Rewards Refresh

How To Redeem myVEGAS Rewards On MLife

How To Play myVEGAS

You’ll land on a slot machine screen and either complete the reel and payout a jackpot or land on a win screen and collect a win. The slot machine will load but you will have an opportunity to play the slots again.

You are encouraged to cash out when you earn enough points to play the slots again, but this may be limited based on casino rules.

How Do Myvegas Slots Work?

MyVegas Slots is a social casino game available to users who already have a free account on MyVegas. There are two ways to win in MyVegas Slots. If you play a certain set of games, such as casino favorites, sports, slot machines, video poker, or bingo, you can win rewards.

Each game earns you points. Each point earned earns you a chance to win prizes. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for cash.

While you are in the app, you can browse the casino games on offer. There are over 3,000 casino games available. The casino games range from your favorite slots, table games, and video poker, to newer games like Slingo.

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11 June 2022

The Loyalty Program Of MyVEGAS Slots

From hot hands to diamond pokers, this program is made for you. The Slots app also gives you access to a worldwide casino network of over 30,000 of the world’s best slot machines and a stunning 20% cash-back rewards program.

How does this make sense? Let’s talk about a benefits breakdown:

  • $500 Cash Back Rewards
  • Net Your Win Up to $5,000
  • Receive Top Up To $75,000 in Free Play
  • 2% to 9% Cash Back Per Visit
  • Live odds and more
  • Receive 70% to 90% Free Spins
  • Get a High Scores Bonus
  • 100% Lucky Top Up
  • $250 Gift Card to Restaurant of your Choice
  • Top up your high roller rewards up to $7,500

All this is for free play and no purchase is required!

Danger Will Robinson, this seems like some good stuff. The problem is that the rates may be very hard to stomach.

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What Are Comp Points in Myvegas Slots?

Comp points are points that can be redeemed for prizes such as free play, food, and beverage, merchandise, and entertainment.

When you play MyVegas Slots and beat the bonus round on the number you chose, you will earn more points than usual. The more points you earn, the higher the bonus. Rewards include cash, food, and beverage, free play, or merchandise.

If you’re already a member of the loyalty program, you earn 5 points for each $10 you spend on gambling and dining. If you’re not a member, you will earn 1 point for each $10 you spend. You can earn more points by going to a different casino.

Is MyVegas Genuine?

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there. You’ve heard about this wonderful new Facebook game-turned app that allows you to earn real-world goodies from a variety of MGM properties from a buddy.

You probably thought the same thing we did when you googled MGM properties (resorts like the Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand, and Mirage), ‘That can’t be real, right?’

It’s true, it’s genuine, and it’s completely squeaky clean! It appears to be way too nice to be true, which is the unfortunate reality, but you’d better believe it! You can eat at Vegas buffets, see Cirque-du-Soleil concerts, and stay in a hotel on the Strip by simply playing this game.

To begin, go to MyVegas Slots, spin the wheel, and then go to your online Strip to collect your MyVegas chips. Once you’ve received your chips, you may play games like Excalibur and Blackjack just as you would in a real casino!

As you play the MyVegas games on Facebook or through the mobile app, your red chips will turn gold, indicating that you can use them to get free goods.
The longer you play the game, the more free chips you will receive, and thus the more free items you will receive over time.

The problem is that the program needs to make money in some way, and they do so by selling paid chips.

MyVegas Chips Worth?

MyVegas extensively advertises the possibility of acquiring MyVegas chips, as I said at the start of this essay. So much so that you may receive many pop-ups with various offers.

So, if you’re going to part with your hard-earned cash in exchange for MyVegas chips that you want to transform into MyVegas prizes, be sure you’re receiving the greatest deal possible.

The screenshots below show the deals that were offered to me at the same time that I was looking to buy MyVegas chips. This includes pop-up offers, looking to explode my fully-filled champagne bottle, and looking at conventional purchasing options.

myVEGAS Free Chips

As you can see in the image above, I was given 333 million chips for $9. This equates to 37 million chips for every $1 wagered.

While my ‘Deal’ button gave nearly 39 million chips for $1, plus some extra golden chips (which, remember, are the ones we’re exchanging for free stays and other goodies!)

myVEGAS Free Chips

While the deals will change depending on the time of play. If you determine that buying MyVegas chips is worth it in your instance, I’d recommend employing a comparison technique and waiting for the best deal to ensure you’re always getting the greatest deal.

I’d also recommend that you err on the side of caution. I don’t want to see anyone pay more than $100 on the game.


How to Redeem Myvegas Rewards?

It’s no secret that Myvegas is one of the most popular online games at the moment – and the more you play the more MyVegas rewards you can unlock, but how do you redeem them?! In this article, I’ll be taking you through all of the possible ways of redeeming your hard-earned rewards from Myvegas!

When Do Myvegas Rewards Refresh?

If you are playing Myvegas casino games, chances are you wonder “when do Myvegas points refresh?”. If so, keep reading to learn the answer.

How to Use Myvegas Rewards?

My Vegas Rewards is a loyalty rewards program where you can do things like play games or watch videos to earn points. You can then cash in these points for actual rewards. There are different tiers with each tier giving you more value for your points.

How Do Myvegas Rewards Work?

Myvegas Rewards is a free loyalty program for MyVegas players who have signed up to play at the MyVegas Facebook app. Members of the rewards program can now earn points from MyVegas as well as other activities on the social media network.

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