How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real (2021) Casino Chip Value

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How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real: The 4 Best Ways!

We know it’s practically a must for any casino player to have all the needed information on how to tell if a casino chip is real or fake.

How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real
How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real

Casinos may be able to hide some cheating methods but tags, chips, and casino chipsets can easily expose them.

What Are Tags?

Golf cards have and will always have their cut-out logo cards. Nowadays, even bills in every country have the bills printed with their country’s logo.

Take a look at an ID from a government or other organization that’s being used by the public. It will have that brand and the name of the organization printed somewhere on the card. All a gambler needs to know about the chip is how it was made.

Only high-quality (gold or silver plated) cards will have some type of bar code which is usually a series of letters and numbers. This bar code is where a casino will enter your personal information. While some people prefer to know nothing about how the chips are made, most people just want to know if a casino chip is real and what will make it real.

What Are Casino Chips And Chip Sets?

Casino chips are pieces of paper or metal that are used in various casino games to symbolize money that players might be owed.

Oftentimes, casinos use various color-coded chips to let players know the game to be played is theirs. For example, in blackjack, players can be randomly dealt five of the color Racks (red, purple, blue, or green) or they can be dealt five of the color the dealer chooses.

The dealer picks the color they want to be dealt, but that doesn’t guarantee that a player can get all those cards. Other chips that are commonly used are Gold chips (yellow, green, or orange), Silver chips (yellow, white, or orange), and Copper chips (orange, white, blue, or red). How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real: The 6 Best Ways 1.

How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real?

Make Sure The Center Of The Chip Is Flat A casino chip should be at least 50% of its surface be covered with a single color. This color can be black, red, gold, or white. We all know that all casino chips are printed in one color.

Therefore, if the chip is black or red you can say that this chip is real and this is what a casino would prefer. However, a red chip may not be real as the casino may add red dye to make it black to match the color of the casino chip box.

Thus, one thing you can do is to examine a casino chip closely and check if it is perfectly flat. 2. Check For Three Colors some chips have more than one color. A great example is a 2×2 chip with four colors on it. This chip looks like a regular chip but it is not.

The 4 Best Ways?

We’ve looked into the legality of casino chips, and here’s what we found. Barry Greenstein, the president of the Interactive Gaming Technologies Association, states that the chipsets are made in China.

They’ve been manufactured since 2004 and they’re not certified for gaming purposes. The manufacturing of chips does not conform to American casino laws, so he questions if this is legal.

The chipsets are made of plastic, and they’re thin and translucent. This allows anyone, even government inspectors to see through the chips.

The tips are shaped to allow the chip to hold the casino’s logo, and to avoid payment if the chip is put in an authorized gambling machine. Greenstein suggests looking for the logo on the chip or the front of the chip packet.


Not only does slot machine hacking expose cheating, but it also demonstrates to other players the type of player that they’re dealing with.

How To Tell If A Casino Chip Is Real

A true player doesn’t cheat, it’s not in their nature. In the case of fake casino chips, they cost casinos money because every player plays to win. Anyone who does that is a cheat and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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