How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master (2022) Coin Master Tips

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How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master?

I know you are searching for tips to get this amazing card, don’t worry we have got the best way to get this card. Follow the steps and enjoy your new game 🙂

How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master
How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master

How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master?

If you still cannot understand the step-by-step guide of how to get the golden card in coin master, try this… Follow these steps and you will get your golden card in Coin Master. If you got the golden card, then you are done with the tutorial.

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Please leave a comment below if you know any other technique of how to get a Golden card. Below is the video tutorial on how to get the Golden Card in Coin Master.

How To Get Golden Card In Coin Master

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Golden Card?

You get 100 Coins + Golden Card

• Complete Achievements at higher levels

• Get Stickers & Perks

• Level Up

What Are the Steps to Get This Golden Card?

  • You need to get 20 Coins.
  • You need to complete 30 Activities.
  • You need to reach Level 30.
  • You need to level up.
  • You need to get additional Coins & Achievements.
  • You will get this amazing Golden Card.

Get Coin Master Golden Card By Collecting Coins

  • Collect 1000 Coins.
  • Complete Activities.
  • Get 10 Coins.
  • Complete 30 Activities.
  • Complete another 30 Activities.
  • Finish all of these activities to get this amazing card.

Get Coin Master Golden Card by Completing Activities

  • Complete every game activity.
  • Complete the level of the game.
  • Complete every arcade activity.
  • Complete every Treasure Chest activity.

How to Level up Your Card?

To level up your card, you have to collect new gear and choose the character’s stats. Every character has their stats, but there are five of them: HP, power, defense, movement speed, and attack speed.

The other stats, namely passive ones, you’ll be able to unlock by leveling up your character’s skills and learning about the lore behind the cards.

  • Power is the basic stat, it doesn’t change much, so it’s recommended that you level this stat up first. As soon as your power level is close to 25%, you can change your cards and upgrade them.
  • Attack Once your power level is close to 25%, you can change your cards, but don’t forget about your attack stat.


If you want to buy Golden Card in Coin Master check our best ways to get this card first. If you have any concerns about our reviews, please comment below and we will reply in two minutes.

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