How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master (2022)

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How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master?

You can get gold cards in the coin master game, you just need to play the stages and you will have a chance to get gold cards. So here is how to get free gold cards in coin master.

How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master
How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master

What is Gold Card Trade-In?

There is a special free bonus game called Gold Card Trade-In in coin master. You get some free items by doing that game and you can get some free coins in Coin Master too. Now, here is the secret trick to get gold cards in coin master.

If you play the gold card trade-in game for more than 15 minutes, you will have a good chance of getting a gold card. How To Play Gold Card Trade-In Game? The game requires you to use Gold Coins you have collected in the game.

You can get these gold coins by playing the game and you need to accumulate a certain number of coins first. After you have reached the required amount, you can start playing the game. Gold Card To Spend On Parts When you want to get a gold card in Coin Master, you have to buy the actual parts first.

How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master?

  • Simply play the free Gold card rounds in coin master.
  • After you get a gold card, you will have to enter the following conditions to use it in the game.
  • The winner will be contacted and they will get your gold card.

When Is The Next Gold Card Trade In Coin Master?

There are no specific dates as of yet, but the earlier you play, the more chances you have to get the gold cards. The real bonus will arrive only after you have played the game for 30 hours.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Gold Card In Coin Master? You can complete the star stages as fast as you can to get the gold cards faster. You also need to perform a mission every 100th stage, which will take about 5 minutes.

You can complete every mission for a total of 24 missions, that is about 30 seconds of permission.

  1. Star Stages Punch, kick, and jump through the high-speed levels to earn points.
  2. Missions Activate a special attack to open a lock.
  3. Medal Spins: Get as many coins as possible by performing the random medal spins.


The new Coinspedia features like a star rank system and badges are quite impressive and might have improved the whole playing experience in coins master.

How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master

More so when you remember that coins master is one of the most successful and longest-running games on mobile. So, you can wait for the update to start playing.

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