How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App In 2 Steps [2023]

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How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App?

One of the biggest issues with the Caesars Casino Slots app is not knowing how to cash out on your Caesars Points.

The app is great fun but you have to ensure that you are racking up a lot of Caesars Points as quickly as possible.

How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App
How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App

This is where some people get stuck.

If you are struggling to accrue enough points or want cash for cashing out on the Caesars Casino app then it isn’t all that hard once you know what you are doing.

Here’s how to do it:

How to Get Started With Caesars Slots?

If you are a Casino poker player then this is one of the best apps to play.

You can go from playing poker games on your phone to doing the same thing in real money on the live casino.

They also offer some great cash-out games which means you can win real money on your Caesars Slots casino app.

Go into the casino playing mode and create an account. This is particularly easy if you have a Casino poker account already.

This means you can enter your data into the website. When you create an account you should be made aware that you must be a Casino Pro.

If you are not a Poker Pro then the fee for a Casino Pro is steep but if you play regularly then you will need the free option anyway.

This means you will only be able to play real money games.

How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App?

There are only 2 methods for cashing out on the Caesars Casino app which should be able to be accessed via your smartphone.

  • The first method is to register for a loyalty account on the site. This should automatically give you a login link for the app. Once you have access to this log-in button, simply use it to go onto the website and then click on the “Code Red” button.
  • The next and much quicker method is to download the free cashout tool from the PlayNow section of the Caesars website. This lets you cash out and get your PlayPoints back at the same time. It’s simple and only takes a couple of minutes to use.

So even if you aren’t planning to visit a casino shortly, you can still cash out.


The Caesars Casino Slots App is excellent but you need to make sure that you have enough points as soon as possible to keep up with your partner and the level of casino experience they are used to.

How To Cash Out On Caesars Slots App

The best way to do this is to load up on as many Caesars Points as you can to make the points available to you in the app.

Once you are up to a minimum level of points then it is time to get ready to cash out.

This is where we run through the options and what you need to do in each of these cases.

If you don’t find this feature of the app useful, you can always get rid of your Caesars points with an online casino.

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