Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Strategy [2023]: Win Big and Often

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Are you ready to take your luck in hand and win big on the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine?

With the right strategy, you could be rolling in coins and jackpots! 

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Strategy
Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Strategy

Whether this is your first time playing a slot machine or you are an experienced player looking for ways to increase your chances of success, this article will provide valuable insight into how best to utilize effective strategies that can help maximize potential wins.

Read on as we dive deeper into our comprehensive guide on developing winning Buffalo Gold Slot Machine strategies!

Overview of Buffalo Gold Slot Machine

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine is a wildly popular slot game developed by the renowned gaming company, Aristocrat.

This exciting 5-reel video slot features an alluring theme based on Native American culture and invites players to explore a range of possibilities with its wide variety of symbols, bonuses, and multiple ways to win. 

Additionally, there are up to five reels that can be unlocked to increase your chances for bigger rewards!

Alongside these enticing opportunities come some unique rules which could potentially improve your strategy when playing this captivating game.

So read on as we provide an overview of what you should know about Buffalo Gold Slots before spinning those wheels!

Different Bonus Features of Buffalo Gold and How to Trigger Them?

The Buffalo Gold Slot Machine is known for its unique bonus features, providing players with additional chances to win big.

To help you understand what these bonus features are and how best to trigger them, here’s an overview of the different bonuses that can be found in this popular slot game:

  • Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols may appear at any time during your spin and when three or more land on the reels simultaneously, they will activate a specific number of free spins. During each spin within this round, two randomly chosen reels will become Wild Reels – increasing the player’s chance of landing winning combinations considerably!
  • Gold Coin Feature: As soon as one wild symbol appears anywhere on the screen while playing in base mode (not Free Spins), it triggers off a special gold coin feature where five golden coins take flight across the screen with varying credit awards hidden inside them ranging from 3x up to 250x times total bet size. If two wild buffalo symbols occur together after triggering off this mini-game then all possible credits held by remaining unused coins are awarded too!
  • Mystery Symbol Bonuses: This unique feature sees six random positions on every reel transforming into matching ‘mystery symbols’. When all six positions are matched, the mystery symbols will be revealed as one of the standard game symbols, and any winning combinations on that particular spin can result in some very nice payouts!
  • Jackpot: The Buffalo Gold Slot Machine also features a mini-Jackpot which is awarded to players who hit five coins with an eagle emblem symbol. This payout offers 15x times the total bet size – so keep your eyes peeled for this special combination during gameplay!

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

Here are 5 Buffalo Gold slot machine tips and strategies:

Tips for Winning on the Buffalo Slot Slot Machine

Understand the Rules of the Game

The first step in developing an effective Buffalo Gold slot machine strategy is understanding all the rules associated with playing this game, such as jackpot amounts, payouts for various symbols, multipliers, and more.

Make sure you know exactly what each symbol represents so that when your luck comes calling on these reels you can maximize every potential win!

Additionally, familiarize yourself with any bonus features or special rounds available to increase your chances of a big payout.

Set Yourself Realistic Win Goals

When setting out to play Buffalo Gold slots it’s important to set realistic expectations about how much money you are willing and able to spend during each gaming session—and then stick to it!

Without having clear boundaries in place before beginning gameplay it becomes easier for impulse spending decisions which could potentially lead to costly losses over time.

So plan by determining both short-term goals (for example 1 hour) as well as long-term ones (for example 5 hours).

Maximize the Use Of Multipliers & Bonuses

Multiplier bonuses can be hugely beneficial while playing Buffalo gold slots – so make sure they’re not overlooked when mapping continue writing where you left off your strategies!

When a player lands the right combination of symbols they can be rewarded with free spins and multipliers up to 5x their bet amount.

Pay attention to any bonus rounds you may enter, as this is where big wins are most likely to happen.

Similarly, pay close attention when Wild Symbols appear on the screen since these will help create bigger winning combinations than otherwise possible without them further increasing your chances for success.

Bet Max

When it comes down to maximizing winnings in Buffalo Gold slot machines one tried-and-true strategy is betting max coins each spin rather than minimum amounts or lower denominations.

Since playing maximum coins activates all available lines on which a jackpot payout could occur players must take advantage of this potential opportunity every time they sit down at the machine – even if bets per line must remain low due to budget restrictions (eg. 1 cent/line). 

In addition, always make sure coin denomination values used during play reflect what you’re willing & able to afford to lose over extended periods so as not to get into trouble financially while gambling responsibly

Quit While You’re Ahead

Last but certainly not least; setting limits both before beginning gameplay as well quitting after hitting certain goals is integral for any winning strategy.

When luck starts to smile on your Buffalo Gold slot machine game and you hit a certain win-amount goal, it’s often best to end the session then & there instead of continuing and risking losing back those same wins which have been known to happen more frequently than desired by many players over time.

Remember that in the world of slots gambling all streaks eventually come to an end – so when yours does cash out your chips with grace!


At the end of the day, no one strategy is guaranteed to win you big on Buffalo Gold Slot Machine.

The best way to maximize your chances of success while playing this slot game is by having a combination of luck and understanding how the game works.

Utilizing strategies such as proper bet sizes, tracking jackpot values, setting spending limits, and taking advantage of bonus rounds where applicable can all help increase your chance of winning more often than not.

Good luck!

FAQs on Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Strategy

What Is the Rtp of the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game?

The RTP of the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game is around 95.97%.

How Do I Trigger the Bonus Features in Buffalo Gold?

The bonus features in Buffalo Gold can be triggered when three or more gold buffalo symbols appear on the reels.

Is There a Strategy for Winning at the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine?

Yes, there is a strategy for winning at the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine. Using effective techniques such as studying game features and betting wisely can increase your chances of success when playing this slot machine.

What Is the Difference Between the Buffalo and Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Games?

The difference between the Buffalo and Buffalo Gold slot machine games is that in the original version, players receive free spins for each scatter symbol appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4. In the new game of Buffalo Gold, an additional bonus feature called ‘Xtra Reel Power’ has been added; this allows players to bet extra coins per reel with a greater number of lines being activated at higher rates than other slots.

What Is the Maximum Payout for the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game?

The maximum payout for the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine game is a whopping 1,200 credits.

Can I Play the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game Online?

Yes, you can play the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine game online. It is available on multiple gaming sites as a demo version and also to play for real money.

What Is the Minimum Bet Required to Play the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game?

The minimum bet required to play the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine game is 0.40 coins per spin.

How Many Pay Lines Does the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game Have?

The Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game has up to 1,024 different pay lines.

What Is the Most Effective Betting Strategy for Playing the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game?

The most effective betting strategy for playing the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine game is to bet with a higher stake on every spin, as this increases your chances of hitting bigger jackpots. Additionally, it’s best to place multiple bets across different lines and reels to maximize your potential returns.

Are There Any Cheats for Winning at the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game?

No, there are no legitimate cheats or hacks for winning at the Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Game. The best way to increase your chances of success is to develop a good strategy and practice it consistently.

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